ante post betting explained lyrics
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Ante post betting explained lyrics

It makes ranking the greatest hip-hop songs of all time a tough endeavor. But we gave it a shot anyway. Hip hop, after all, has driven barbershop debates for decades. So why stop now? Without further ado, these are the breaks: Mobb Deep feat. Horrorcore rap suited the duo so well and somehow it was accessible. But that was the fun of it, showcasing a more casual style of hip hop that would enter the mainstream through groups like De La Soul and the rest of Native Tongues.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Big Daddy KaneGetty Images And Elliott knows how to cascade around it. The result is a debut single that leaves you in an epic trance. Queen Latifah feat. Coming out of the s, artists like Queen Latifah and Monie Love wanted to educate younger generations on the roles women have played in music and history in general. Songs rarely unite generations like this to the point where your parents were asking you about that rapper who was rapping about their favorite musical.

Jay-ZGetty Images Marley Marl feat. Marley Marl brings together four legendary emcees that try and outperform each other over a piano-driven beat. You could make the case the verses get better as the song goes on. Let the debate rage on. The Notorious B. The song certainly presents as such. However, B.

And Beastie Boys have one of the best. Beastie BoysGetty Images Naughty by Nature was doing it at the start of the s. Big K. Release a way better track. But its first single lit a lyrical storm in the rap community. The track is also historic. Thanks to an intro and interlude from ODB and a verse from Cappadonna, it stands as the only song to feature every Wu member released on a proper album.

This could easily be an Isley Brothers song, as it showcases just how deep and soulful the Memphis sound can be. But when it comes to wow moments, no one comes close as an emcee. Some of it was owed to the music that came out after he passed. La dadada la la la la? Part of it had to do with the kung-fu samples. Dre feat. The genre had sampled jazz before. But this was the most straightforward attempt yet to prove hip hop was a genre on par with other musical art forms in America.

Stetsasonic was on a mission to put critics in their place while sonically giving the jazz-rap acts of the s a blueprint to go by. The nine-minute song features different words and never ceases to grip you. Rap as a form of expression rarely gets better than this. His background may be a bit sketchy, but his music allowed you to suspend reality. Rick RossGetty Images But in New York, no one could create a window down, summer anthem quite like him.

The beat from Salaam Remi is a master class it taking it old school. The result is the ultimate escape cut from a rap group that was intent on offering something different. The entire song is about taking rap back to its roots and demolishing rappers who have focused more on the superficial.

Three 6 Mafia feat. He was also a genius storyteller. Gunned down at the age of 24, Lamont Coleman had already established himself as one of the best lyricists in hip hop. But his time at the top of the rap world was limited due to overexposure. Call him a mumble rapper if you want but the message here is clear — Playboi Carti can get the party started whenever he wants.

Still, the goal was to create a meme-worthy anthem and no one does it better than Drake. The social conscience rapper creates one of the few rap songs you could envision hearing at a wedding. The Roots feat. No other hip-hop act could make this song. The RootsGetty Images Its hypnotic beat feels like something that could and probably did play at a jazz club. With his career and life in the balance after a devastating car accident, West spit through the wires of a closed jaw for the single that would make him famous.

Backed by a sped-up Chaka Khan sample, West was evoking emotions no one ever had in hip hop before and he did it while setting a new sonic trend for the 21st century in rap. No chorus, no hooks. Just Meek giving you chills with some of the hardest rhymes you will ever hear.

Meek MillJulia Hatmaker jhatmaker pennlive. But from an artistic standpoint, the duo was truly from a different world. The title track is an impressive merger of Southern bounce and synths that finds Big Boi telling listeners to go get their shine box just seconds before Andre is examining the future of humanity. Who does that? Talib Kweli feat. The group, led by Kool Keith, made use of unique samples and lyrics based on odd content and even more unique delivery.

Ghostface Killah feat. The combination of wordplay and flow borders on insane. It demands repeat listens to just make sense of it all. The bass explodes in and out of the track. The song borrows from disco, funk and jazz thrillingly, crafting one of the best early instrumentals in hip hop history.

They knew how to lead a party and not overwhelm a song that was near perfect for the dancefloor on its production alone. So much so when it was released, both jazz and rap clubs played it in and well into Digable PlanetsGetty Images But he had contagious energy. No emcee should be able to make sense of it. But Noreaga makes it work. The Game feat. They were perfect for each other. Fiddy was becoming more of a mogul by the mids.

But was still capable of writing a brilliant hook. At the same time, The Game possessed the street-savvy nature 50 Cent used to become famous in the first place. Eric B. And a landmark one at that. Mike Jones feat. So, on its fourth studio, The Roots sought to engage a broader sonic landscape that could start to build its legacy. Those claps and synths were the backbone of Cash Money and New Orleans rap in the years that followed. But when he went solo, Monch truly came into his own artistically.

But the group was looking to carve out its niche in the emerging Southern rap scene. Mission accomplished. Digital Underground did a lot of great things the group should be appreciated for. It would take his follow-up songs for Eminem to gain respect from true hip-hop heads. The song earned Tyler comparisons to early Eminem, only somehow weirder and crazier. How else do you explain a guy taking shots at Bruno Mars and recruiting Stevie Wonder to be the wide receiver on his football team?

But he was wise in his ability to use that outrageous personality in interesting ways. And the song still went platinum. That should clue you into how much of a phenomenon it was. Future De La Soul feat. Both versions are lyrical tour de forces. Mary J. But it never does thanks to earnest Ghost is. From on, he seemed hell-bent on proving that he still had what it took to keep the No. Every release from this period of his career had a strategic selling point, whether it was a marquee collaborator like R.

These albums range from lyrically and musically progressive, to painfully awkward and unfocused. The expensive, No I. A-sampling cut is a misguided attempt at celebrating stand-up women and shaming shady ones. The project was doomed, though, once a video that allegedly shows the Chicago singer having sex with and urinating on an underage girl began making the rounds — Jay wisely fell back from the project like Homer Simpson sinking into a bush. The controversy seemed to be simmering down two years later despite 14 then-pending child-pornography charges against Kelly in Chicago and the two stars gave it another go.

Maurice White deserved better. The following year, Kelly was actually arrested in Miami after police found 12 images of a nude, underage girl in his Florida home. Those child-pornography charges were later dropped after a technicality deemed the photos inadmissible in court.

But yeah, this song is okay, I guess. Singer K. Carter : From the music to the lyrics, this song feels limp. Aside from being a vehicle to showcase Amil, who already has two other appearances on this album, it really has no reason to exist. And Mr. Even the titles are nearly identical, ugh. Musically, the sum is not greater than its parts. Blige—featuring track recorded to boost anticipation for their co-headlining Heart of the City tour that year.

Carter : A passable Roc-A-Fella posse cut that feels more like a team-building exercise. The verses are choppy and the song is mostly bloated with soundbites from older material. The song reeks of trendy pandering; the polychromatic music video, with its fish-eye camerawork, is a Top 10 corniest Hov moment. Kelly sings about trying to conjure the sexiest lyrics and music possible for this actual song, and Jay enables him by dropping eight bars of metaphors about waistlines and bass lines.

As the album played, attendees watched an outer-space light show, with shooting stars zipping across an overhead screen. Carter : Jay personifies diamonds to fit the plot of the cop comedy Blue Streak this song also appears on the soundtrack. But this cut seems more like cubic zirconia compared to harder Swizz-produced singles of the era i.

Here he presents his unlikely success as a disruptive force, likening himself to Muhammad Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. How could you not root for this guy? Still, this beat is plodding, and the track slows the momentum of Vol. It approaches gimmicky ground when he introduces his own rap prospect, but J. Instead it became a stand-alone short that finds Hov announcing his partial ownership of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kelly express the confusion that comes with fake friends, both sounding conflicted. You can hear the latter here in references to Yasiin Bey a. The final draft retained some subliminal shots, but ultimately sounds like Hov is shadowboxing with himself. Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z lend their support by splitting a verse. This is one of his more overt examples — over a dreary piano backdrop, he compares the plight of soldiers to that of street hustlers.

Blige sample. He boasts about his maturity, which entails everything from smoking Cuban cigars to maintaining an excellent credit score. Kelly and Jay-Z. On the track, Jay skims through his life story, from growing up without a father to sonning his rap competition.

The two rappers, with their different yet harmonious approaches, conquer a bubbly curveball of a beat by Q-Tip. Carter : Ironically, Jay ended up in trouble with the law around the time of the release of this extended metaphor comparing his musical rise to a high-profile criminal trial. Carter : The one-minute intro to this song shines brightest, as Jay makes clear just how comfortable he is with handling and using his gun. The song samples the theme music from its titular TV series, but Jay neglects to name-drop another Brooklyn-born hardass: the Honorable Judge Judy.

Jay examines that repetition, mulling over the influence of his own criminal activities on the nephews who look up to him. Yet this hot-and-heavy track evokes a lazy, lovemaking vacay in a remote location, thanks to lustful songwriting, funky bass strings, and sleepy brass. Jay singles out his ego, separating himself from the persona that led him to shoot his own brother as a young teen, or cheat on his wife. Dre, who recorded the original track, along for the ride.

The electric guitar-powered beat during the second half would sound at home on Vol. He returned home to a mess. Also, Nas had tried to lynch an effigy of his former rival at Summer Jam before being blocked by Hot Kelly, of all people, to sing about innocence.

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AdBrowse & Discover Thousands of Entertainment Book Titles, for Less. Oct 21,  · Ante Post is the term giving to a bet placed at least one day before the match . The post refers to the horses posting for the start of race, while ante is a prefix meaning ‘before’. While it has its roots in horse racing you can now find ante post wagers across most sports. It simply means that you are placing a bet in advance of the event happening. When it comes to football betting you are looking at the major.