mma betting predictions
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A Plan 3. Free bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned. This race - despite only having a small history, has help construct several horses preparations, on their way to becoming champions, and in some cases - legends. Card payments only. Free bet valid for 7 days, stake not returned. In order to make money using a chase betting system you need three items at your disposal: 1. Free, void, cashed out or partially cashed out bets do not qualify.

Mma betting predictions beginners guide to investing in funds uk

Mma betting predictions

Beware that this type of MMA betting can be very frustrating if you take the fighter to win by submission, but they score a first-round knockout. A couple of offensive lineman injured in football or a point guard having a bad hand in basketball are damaging, but they have a surrounding team to compensate.

Fighters, as we know, are by themselves. Conclusion Aside from how the victory is going to take place, UFC betting also offers when the win will happen. However lightweight fighters with minimal submission skills usually require more rounds before someone gets the win. Success in UFC betting comes with time, work and some luck as well. With influences from Greek Olympic Games and a Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting style, the company was in search of the best fighting style that eventually led to anything goes.

This was a group of fighters with backgrounds in jiu-jitsu, boxing, grappling, wrestling, karate, sumo, and other combat skills. In , the sport had new ownership, and it started to be reconstructed into the promotion that you see today. This meant more controlled environments for the fighters, rules, and even weight classes to separate them. In addition, it has grown to be the most watched fighting program out there. It is no wonder people want to bet on it, especially how appealing it is to watch.

The underdog in a fight has statistically shown to win around 30 percent of their fights. This number oscillates quite a bit every year, especially since the UFC puts together close matchups. Does age play a role in victory? Age is a good indicator of explosive and somewhat reckless performances that lead to exciting results. An older fighter or veteran might have the experience to withstand certain attacks.

The larger the gap, the more likely it is that the younger fighter wins, but only if the stats back it up. Starting with basic odds, if contender A is placed with odds, they stand as the favorite pick. In this case, this category will be directly linked to the number of rounds bettors are expecting the fight to last.

So, for instance, if a bet is placed on the over, fans expect the fight to last longer than the number of rounds indicated. Bettors can also choose other variants within specific events. For instance, if they select an event to finish with a knockout or expect the fighters to complete all rounds, these variants can exponentially increase their earnings. One could also opt for live betting and move their money around as odds fluctuate.

Although the odds may be appealing, bettors could also choose to wager on the potential champion of a given tournament. Starting with individual fighter starts, these are the basic guidelines all fans can review when they wish to get a good preview of how a fight might end. So, for instance, if contender A is , that means he is currently undefeated. This record will impact a potential contender B with a record.

Odds will generally favor those fighters with the most recent wins or most victories overall. Other factors that might come into play are weight stats. To experts, betting against the heaviest fighter will give bettors over a 60 percent chance of making the right pick.

These tend to be standard numbers offered in the preview to every fight. Fans are recommended to take every piece of data at their disposal to make the best possible decision. These will never guarantee a win, but the contenders with the highest grappling numbers will walk into the fighting cage with an apparent lead over their rivals. Contenders with higher striking numbers will tend to top the odds. To experts, a fighter with better striking stats might have a 70 percent of winning the fight before even stepping onto the cage.

The first and most important trend to keep track of is to stay on top of your favorite fighters. Contenders who continually top the list as the favorite pick to take over the event and ultimately do so will have better odds of winning any fight. Experts also recommend fans keep a close eye on underdogs and their potential turnaround. For example, in , underdogs cashed This means that underdogs made their solid appearance in almost four of every ten fights and managed to make some lucky and analytical bettors some good earnings.

Another trend to stay on top of is divisional results. In this case, when approached from a division scope, bettors can subdivide all MMA results and stats into more manageable portions. For instance, favorites to win the fight may have successfully conquered the affair in eight of ten total events in the league.

Yet, the favorite contenders were successful in only six of every ten fights. That means that favoring the underdog in this division will always drive probabilities of making a win higher than they would if the exact pick was made in another division. Finally, make sure to keep an eye on overall tournament results. For instance, some fighters may get great event results throughout the preliminary series but manage to fall short in higher events.

This is where bettors will have a chance to decide how long they should favor a specific fighter. These success trends throughout events are also helpful when determining this point in the race. In terms of over and under, the principle is similar.

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Our best bet is the play that we like the most for this fight or where the most value lies, and is where we would put some of our bankroll behind. Prediction: Oliveira As effective as Oliveira's Muay Thai has been, part of the reason it has succeeded is that his elite grappling has been a bit of a cheat code. An elbows-high, tall Muay Thai stance makes fighters susceptible to takedowns but Oliveira doesn't care because of how dangerous he is off his back.

Likewise, when his poor head movement off the center line and aggression can lead to him getting dropped, he just falls into guard and recovers because nobody wants to follow him to the mat. Makhachev chains many of his single and double-leg takedowns and trips out of the clinch position. He's incredibly confident in his own grappling ability so I don't expect him to shy away from engaging on the ground.

However, we have seen him match up against adept grapplers like Davi Ramos and Arman Tsarukyan before and he wasn't able to impose his usual physical dominance on the mat in either bout. However, there is a lot of thought and nuance that goes into making UFC picks each week.

Our team of experts put together a comprehensive betting guide to the UFC, below. Here, you will find out how to approach making the most thought-out, best UFC predictions and give yourself the best chance at winning your next UFC bet. They have partnered with ESPN to live stream events just about every weekend. What are UFC Picks? The most common UFC pick is who will win the fight. UFC picks are fairly simple relative to other sports as you are just relying on choosing one outcome, in most cases.

Here, you just need to correctly predict who you think will win the fight and they can win by any means. Oddsmakers will indicate who they think will win by adjusting the odds accordingly. Negative odds indicate the favorite and positive odds indicate the underdog. When deciding on your UFC prediction be sure to factor in the current moneyline odds as well as the nuances within the matchup such as fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses of each fighter, recent performances, and recent injuries.